Protect the 2020 Election from Covid-19

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Coronavirus has already left a disastrous mark on our country’s health and economy. Without proper funding and preparation, the pandemic will endanger our democracy, too.

The $2 trillion dollar stimulus passed by Congress in March allotted $400 million toward this year’s elections. It’s a start, but it’s not nearly enough. In order to ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t keep millions from voting for the rest of the year, Congress should create a pool of at least $4 billion that state and local officials can use to ensure our elections in 2020 are free, fair, safe, and secure.

Sign our petition today to send a message to Congress. Americans deserve free, fair, and safe elections — and the time to start preparing is now. Congress must approve at least $4 billion in funding for the 2020 election before it’s too late.